Apr. 12, 2016

The Rise of the Bot

BY Les Tapolczai

While we don’t think Skynet will be releasing Terminators any time soon, there will be bots in our future. Messaging apps such as Kik, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger are already integrating complex chatbot technologies to their platforms, enabling brands to reach people without them ever leaving their messaging app. Consumers interacting with them are able to use them for simple tasks, like booking appointments or ordering dinner. The low-hanging fruit for chatbots is the delivery of fast and efficient customer service. By integrating “learning” technology, chatbots will be able to provide immediate responses to a host of customer queries while continually adding to its knowledge base of answers through consumer interactions.

WeChat, China’s most popular messaging platform, has about 20 million brands on board with 20,000 of them already leveraging the Xiaoice chatbot for marketing and sales purposes. Ordering tickets and making reservations have become commonplace and even the more complex task of selling items through the messaging system has become much more intuitive and fluid through the use of chatbots. Facebook has obviously taken notice and is developing their own chatbot that could work as an assistant for brands interacting with customers through Messenger. Beyond basic customer support, there is also an incredible opportunity for brands to provide a heightened customer experience. Brands will be able to deliver relevant content based on interactions, as well as a convenient platform for ecommerce opportunities.

While John Connor may disagree, we for one look forward to the age of the bot.



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