Mar. 28, 2017

Mass Precision – It takes both to Grow

BY Les Tapolczai

When digital marketing entered the mainstream, it ushered in the belief that a new world of brand communications was now upon us. The era of hyper-targeting was here. Digital promised a much more precise means of reaching the target consumer based on digital channels that knew exactly who your customers were and what they were doing. It was the beginning of “Reaching the right consumer at the right time, at the right place, with the right message.” With “Big Data” and a variety of channels at our fingertips, highly-targeted, highly-contextual and constantly optimized headlines became the panacea for marketers.

Along the way, mass channels seemingly lost some luster as the entire industry became obsessed with zeroing on “their customer” with extremely personalized messaging. This has led to tunnel-vision, as brands spent the majority of their resources trying to talk to current customers, and often doing so with easily forgettable creative, while possibly ignoring opportunities to reach a new target base.

New evidence is saying the best ROI is from balancing Mass with Precision. While hyper-targeting sounds extremely efficient, the hard data shows that memorable mass-reach campaigns are still the most proven path for brand growth. It’s the effectiveness of mass work that lays the foundation for highly-targeted efforts along the customer journey.

Brands today need Mass Precision. They need programs that reach all buyers in the category to enhance penetration and that through creative excellence, achieve salience in the minds of shoppers when purchasing. And brands need to take advantage of the opportunities for precision marketing along the customer journey to maximize ROI. Mass Precision means delivering fame-generating work along with the precise tactics to close the sale.

While the entire marketing ecosystem continues to evolve, there needs to be a greater emphasis on channel balance for brands. Developing a mix of creative customized for both sharp precision channels and high-reach mass ones is essential for long term brand growth.



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