Feb. 14, 2017

Facebook Implements Critical Measurement Improvements

BY Les Tapolczai

In light of measurement issues such as misreported video views, regarding ad performance, Facebook is rolling out a series of updates to their ad platforms in an attempt to provide a greater level of metric reliability and transparency.

One of the major changes is the introduction of the Marketing Mix Model (MMM) portal that allows marketers a greater understanding of the ROI they are receiving on Facebook compared to other digital and traditional channels. The portal provides a performance data feed so MMM measurement partners (Nielsen, Neustar MarketShare, Analytics Partners and Marketing Evolution) can identify Facebook/Instagram ROI within the marketer’s entire marketing mix.

The other key update is strengthening their ad verification program to ensure the accuracy of ad delivery and performance. Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings product was added to measure reach and in-target performance for both desktop and mobile in 8 news markets, bringing the total number of markets to 25 globally. By adding comScore Video Verification features, video performance measurement will now be available along with reach. Facebook has also extended their ad viewability measurement to their Facebook Audience Network(FAN) to include other assets like Instagram video. Finally, Facebook has brought on Double Verify as third-party measurement partner to support both video and display.

All these changes will ensure a higher level of trust when it comes to ad delivery and performance data, while also providing marketers with granular metrics to better understand ROI from Facebook ads.



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